Elevating Construction

Factory Modular delivers the highest quality volumetric modular products available.  

It's why we can build in one of the worlds most demanding code requirement locations : Christchurch, NZ.

Our modular units have near-zero tolerance and are inspected at every stage. They are built with seismic resilience, climate adaptability, water impermeability and fire resistance.

In addition, all units are pre-stacked prior to delivery to validate measurement precision.

Case Study:

Christchurch, NZ

On February 22, 2011 a large earthquake rocked Christchurch. By nightfall, 185 people had perished with costs estimated at over $46 billion USD.

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, New Zealand is regrettably no stranger to nature's upheavals. New Zealand has 15,000 earthquakes a year. As a response to this dynamic environment, New Zealand's building code regulations stand among the most rigorous on the global stage.

In response to the 2011 earthquake, the already stringent building codes were again updated. Engineers and architects now use advanced seismic design techniques and materials to enhance building performance during earthquakes.

The earthquakes underscored the need for a shift from life safety-based design to performance-based seismic design. The focus moved beyond just preventing loss of life to ensuring that buildings remain functional and repairable after a seismic event.

Engineers adopted advanced structural design techniques, including using energy-absorbing materials, improving lateral-load resistance, and employing dampers and braces to dissipate seismic energy. 

We use these new standards today.

The Safest Modular

Product Ever.

Our modular system offers safe, greener, and agile construction solutions at affordable prices for property owners and developers. We tailor the project execution plan, design, engineering, to meet the specific needs of each project

From concept architecture through to development and building approvals, our design expertise is the key to achieving the best outcomes for clients and successful project delivery. Our valued 80+ production and development staff covers architecture, engineering and project management to ensure total structural development under one roof.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control is at the heart of our delivery promise to clients. We map-out our compliance pathway with consultants and authorities then meticulously document and photo-record every step in every module through our live online trade certification porthole. Factory Modular values workmanship and encourages client engagement through our virtual platforms and or on-site visitation.


In Practice: our Modular in Christchurch


Our factory built units meet the current New Zealand building & safety requirements. By choosing our solutions, your development will benefit from the highest quality modular product available, with the added advantage of a quicker time-to-market compared to traditional construction.